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Cultivating and supporting art appreciation is the force guiding the Folsom Arts Association. The diversity of arts in our group leads to spirited discussions with lots of laughs. We’re a group that enjoys getting together.

The Folsom Arts Association hosts monthly Artist Demonstrations (3rd Thursday) at The Gallery at 48 Natoma Street in Folsom. Workshops are held in the Folsom area and Art Classes, Workshops, and Shows are taught by members of the association throughout the year.

Princess and Chief by Sherri Melchner

Congratulations to Sherri Melchner
Princess & Chief was awarded 3rd Place Ceramics Division at the California State Fair


Join the Folsom Arts Association and become a member of a vibrant group of artists!

P.O. Box 0234
Folsom, California 95763



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Artist Demonstrations 2015

The Folsom Arts Association hosts monthly Artist Demonstrations
at The Gallery at 48 Natoma Street in Folsom.
Demonstrations are held on the THIRD THURSDAY of each month at 6:00 P.M.
and are OPEN to the public.

Art Demonstrations for 2015

January 15
David Peterson * Watercolor
Painting Nature Creatively
February 19
Gemma Gylling * Colored Pencil
March 19
Beverly Fields * Watercolor
Coastal Water Scene – Wet in Wet Technique
April 16
Ann Ranlett * Scratch Board
The Art of Taking Away
May 21
Connie Randmaa * Pastel
June 18
Jeannie Vodden * Watercolor
Art Journey
July 16
Mike Bagdonis * Oil
Orange/Blue Complimentary Color
August 20
Jeanine Robb * Gel Print
September 17
Judith Monroe * Mixed Media
October 15
Kirk Miller * Oils
November 19
Pat Aragon * Pastel Horses
FAA Annual Christmas Party


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What’s Happening!!

FAA Painting Workshop with Abigail VanCannon … August 8 & 9, 2015. Click for details.

FAA Bus Tour to J.M.W. Turner “Painting Set Free” … August 26, 2015. Click for details.

Folsom Focus Photography Contest 2015 … get your camera’s ready! Click for details.

UPCOMING…click on a link as there is always something new!


FAA Creative Playdate set for December 2015 – great weekend; join us at the next artists gathering at Folsom Lake College (Art Room). All artists are invited … Click to join the fun

FAA Supporting the Community 2014 – Thank you MEMBERS, for making the FAA a thriving organization dedicated to serving artists and our community. Click to view the accomplishments for 2014 plus more.

Johnny Cash Trail Arts Experience – The Folsom Arts Association is pleased to announce its partnership with the city of Folsom to support the Johnny Cash Trail Arts Experience Project in the City of Folsom. Click to learn more about this very exciting partnership.

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  • Serrano El Dorado Hills Magazine featuring Jimmie Grann Fall 2014 — available in print only
  • Southwest Art Magazine featuring Jake Gaedtke “Total Immersion” April 2014 — Click to read


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