Jeannie & Jerry Courter

Going out and enjoying the world around you and building your own memory chest. That is an exciting part of your life. We look forward each day to producing an Oil Painting that will make someone happy because they can connect it to a wonderful experience from their past.

Beacon of Light by Jeannie * Sold (Giclee available)

Art by Jeannie and Jerry Courter

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Who’s Got an Attitude by Jerry

Tuscany – 16″ x 20″ by Jerry

Old Red Pickup Truck by Jeannie * Sold (Giclee availabe)

Jeannie and Jerry Courter

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Style Magazine Folsom/El Dorado Hills
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Serene Scenes with Jerry and Jeannie Courter in Folsom
June 2017

Currently a member of the Folsom Arts Association

and Sutter Street Artists Gallery

Artwork is currently on display at the Sutter Streets Artist Gallery

located inside the Bag Lady Boutique in Folsom



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