2D artwork - width and height (maximum width 26 inches).
3D artwork - size, dimensions, and approximate weight.
Figure in a 30% commission and tax when determining the price.
If you are not selling the art, please indicate Not For Sale.
You must be a current FAA member to participate in the Mini Members Show.
If you are not a FAA member, we will send you the link to join.
Please let the FAA know if you have questions or comments.
By checking this box, you are agreeing YES to the Liability Release:

Folsom Arts Association (FAA) will be displaying my art in the Community Gallery at 48 Natoma. I am releasing the FAA and the City of Folsom Fine Arts Exhibition Program of any liability related to the loss or damage to artwork while on display or during setup or removal.
From a PC or Mac, use your mouse to sign your name.
From a mobile device or tablet, use your finger to sign your name.
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