The Folsom Arts Association Artist Demonstration

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

6:00 PM

The Gallery at 48 Natoma Street

in Folsom


Composing on the Diagonal

Composing on the Diagonal: ideas for Urban landscape painting. In this demo, Patris will discuss how she uses the compositional device of composing on the diagonal to set up the composition for a simple urban landscape. Patris will talk about learning what to leave in and what to leave out, simplifying shapes and looking for opportunities to integrate organic landscape elements to balance the more linear aspects of the architectural elements.

Growing up in the Northwest corner of Montana, Patris was surrounded by the natural beauty of the great Creator’s handiwork.  She expresses this admiration for the landscape as well as her love of the urban landscape in her artwork.  Her work is described as “peaceful and positive.”  Patris sees with her eyes, but paints with her heart.

Her artistic path led her to open her own studio and art center near downtown Sacramento- the Patris Studio and Art Gallery – a popular northern California art venue for artists and art lovers.  At her studio, Patris teaches weekly drawing and painting classes, coordinates artist workshops, art exhibits, and other events. Life drawing and painting sessions are scheduled several times a week at her studio, providing artists from all over the region with the opportunity to develop and hone their skills.  Patris is also a popular teacher at the Crocker Art Museum, where studio classes are held in different subject matter.

The main theme that runs throughout Patris’ artwork is her pursuit of painting and drawing from life – whether figurative, still life, or en plein air.

Join us and meet Patris on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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