Welcome to the Folsom Arts Association!

Cultivating and supporting art appreciation is the force guiding the Folsom Arts Association. The diversity of arts in our group leads to spirited discussions with lots of laughs. We’re a group that enjoys getting together.


FAA Board Members 2019

Sandy, Annie, Diana, Lori, Joyce, Carol

2019 Folsom Arts Association Board Members*

Lori Anderson, President*

Sandy Hilton, Vice President* and City of Folsom Liaison

Carol Quinn, Secretary*

Diana Latimer, Treasurer*

Annie O’Connell, Membership*

Joyce Fuchs, Website/Newsletter


For more information regarding the FAA, please email or call:

FAA President/Artist Demonstrations: Lori Anderson, lori_and@pacbell.net  916-708-8442
Vice President: Sandy Hilton, shilton321@gmail.com
Secretary: Carol Quinn, cquinnart@gmail.com
Treasurer: Diana Latimer, folsomaatreasurer@gmail.com
Membership: Annie O’Connell, folsomaamembership@gmail.com
Workshops & Art Camp Coordinator: FAA, folsomartists@gmail.com
Website and Newsletters: Joyce Fuchs, folsomartists@gmail.com


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For general questions, complete and submit the form below. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate board member.