Leo Songco

Following 23 years of active military duty in the United States Air Force and 16 years with the Veterans Administration, Leo retired in 2017 to pursue his passion in art.

Poppies and Wildflowers by Leo SongcoLeo is a self taught artist, working primarily with acrylic and oil. He enjoys creating caricatures with pen and watercolors, as well as calligraphy, woodwork and surfboard art.

While stationed in the Philippines, Leo was taken by the bold and vibrant colors used by the local artist. He studied the minimalist but bold brushwork art in Korea and Okinawa, and immersed himself in 19th century impressionism while posted in Europe.

As an impressionist painter, Leo’s inspiration comes from his travels. His latest work is a series of seascapes of the Pacific Northwest, focusing on movement and balance of color. With his paintings, Leo hopes to inspire young budding artist, and perhaps, to bring a smile or trigger a fleeting memory from his viewers.

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Leo is a member of the Folsom Arts Association and is participating in his first Members Show at the Bank of America Art Gallery, Harris Center at Folsom Lake College.

FAA Members Show 2018
July 20 to September 16, 2018
Reception and Awards: Sunday, September 2 at 4:00 PM

Leo Songco