Lorna Sheveland

Lorna ShevelandIt wasn’t until I retired and I had free time that I tried my hand at painting. Initially I dabbled in water color and oil before I discovered my home in pastel and made the commitment to really study both art design and pastel technique.

Art has opened up a new world to me. Instead of merely seeing a vague and passing background on my way to somewhere else, I began to see the play of shadows on streets and walls, subtle value changes in trees and hills, color harmonies in a bouquet of flowers, and patterns everywhere.

My favorite place to paint is anywhere in nature. Whether it is walking the American River, kayaking Lake Natoma, or hiking in the mountains, there is a scene ready for my canvas! I like to paint outdoors because light and shadow are so pure in nature.

My technique is to start with a sketch on pastel board. Then I do a loose watercolor under-painting. When that dries, incrementally I apply the pastel careful to leave luminous bits of watercolor shining through.

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Key mentors in my artistic development have been Susan Sarback, Marianne Post, Kathy Young Ross, and Margot Schulzke. I am deeply indebted to their guidance and encouragement.

Member of Sierra Pastel Society and Folsom Art Association

My art is currently on display at the Sutter Street Artist Gallery, located inside the Bag Lady Boutique in Folsom

Lorna Sheveland