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My husband and I lived in Sedona, Arizona, for almost 19 years. During that time I participated in many different types of classes from pottery, to sculpture, drawing, and finally to mosaic glass work, incorporating granite, marble and tile into my large benches and tables. When I moved from one class to the other, I always endeavored to incorporate my previous work into my current interest. This expanded my knowledge and creativity in such a way that I was always trying new things and being challenged.

I was an active member of the Sedona Arts Center and in volunteering for this organization was able to meet and further gain art-related insights from not only the instructors but also members. I participated in several shows and one year I was awarded first prize for the Most Improved New Artist. Since moving to Sacramento last May I have participated in the Folsom Antique Fairs.

One year my husband and I traveled to Bell Buckle, Tennessee, where I was taking a class, learning to create figures from the inside out. I decided to make a very large lizard, in a curved position. Using a Hot Knife I cut out several styrofoam blocks – glued them together – and then set out cutting this into the shape of my lizard. This, then, was covered with chicken wire, held down by non-corroding nails and then covered with cement. Wrapped in a moist cloth overnight and more cement applied. When we returned home I then set about cutting small pieces of colored glass thus creating a lovely design. When finished, my piece from nose to tail measured 36” long.

After this trip my husband suffered a stroke so we moved back to the Phoenix area. I brought this piece to an art gallery in Scottsdale and it sold. The couple who purchased it invited me to their home as they were decorating and wanted my style of glass work. In addition to purchasing several mirrors and a Lazy Susan, they then showed me what they really wanted me to do. Separating their living room and dining room, up near the ceiling, was a relief of a life-size Anaconda Snake – all 15’ of it. Also, the body was projecting out from the wall 15” in circumference. They wanted me to decorate the snake in the same way I did the lizard – with a glass design. After renting scaffolding I was ready to bring the Culabra (snake) to life. This creature even had Swarovski Crystal eyes. It was so much the design element of the home that when you opened the front door, you looked into the large mirror over the fireplace and there was the image of the snake. I loved every minute of this creation!

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