Lynne Edwards


I retired from my professional career in business consulting in 2001 and finally found time for my artistic desires. I recently moved back to California from Bellingham, Washington where I was very involved in the artist’s community. Once retired, I became a serious self taught wildlife photographer and began traveling throughout the world for the opportunities that nature allows us to experience if one is patient to stop, look and listen. My desire is always to capture the “raw” moment of nature while enjoying the uniqueness and beauty of every “critter” I encounter.

I have not put down the camera, but have picked up the paint brush and am now painting my photographs using a watercolor batik process. All of my current work, at the Gold Country Artist Gallery, are the original water colors from some of my favorite wildlife photographs. The batik process combines watercolors and wax on rice paper using a layering process. Painting allows me to interpret the photographs in an entirely new manner through color and composition. Some of the images you may see are those of big cats from Africa or India; whales or bears from Alaska; penguins and marine from the Antarctic; or little cats from the local humane society.

Mates for Life by Lynne Edwards

Mates for Life – Photography

Miss Chardonnay by Lynne Edwards

Miss Chardonnay – Painting

Return to Freedom Wild Horses by Lynne Edwards

Return to Freedom Wild Horses – Photography

The above artwork will be on display at the “Animal House ~ It’s a zoo out there!” show at the Sacramento Fine Art Center from February to March, 2015. Rocky Raccoon and Mates for Life received Honorable Mention.


My artwork is also showing at the Sutter Street Artists Gallery, Gold Country Artists Gallery and Sutter Creek Gallery.


I have been showing my work in various venues throughout California and Washington and have received recognition in numerous art shows. Visit my website to view my artwork galleries – Contact me via email for any questions regarding my work –

Lynne Edwards