Patricia Lind


San Francisco Cavello PointI was born in San Francisco and attended San Franciso schools. Each school would choose one child to take art lessons at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. I was picked from my school, and thus began my love of and involvement in art. I can still remember learning about all the beauty of art all over the world.

Having studied under accomplished teachers, and viewed the Master’s works in galleries’ and museums around the world, I am now devoting my time and energy to my true passion, painting. I love plein air painting and truly appreciate the classic impressionistic style.

The emotion that painting offers, and that one feels at any given moment, can be absorbed by your canvass. The canvass can talk back to you, widen your horizons, and give you permission to express your ideas ad feelings. Life is good.

Patricia Lind

Sonoma CoastSonoma Coast New Zealand GlacierNew Zealand Glacier
Coastal SunsetCoastal Sunset