Shirl Merz, a local artist, paints with oils, watercolor and acrylic. For many years her focus was on raising her two children and teaching. The revival of her current interest in painting has been primarily due to the influence of the local arts.

Shirl’s background includes studying at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and The School of Fine Arts and the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. While attending School in San Francisco, Shirl was able to get the feeling for three dimensions through sculpting. Shirl studied for many years with Peg Humphrey in the Bay Area and also in Provence, France. The years of study with Peg are evident in her impressionistic approach to painting.

Shirl has traveled and studied in many European countries and in much of the United States, where she explored a multitude of different works of art and gathered ideas to incorporate into her own paintings. While many of her paintings are of still life and floral themes, she has painted in a variety of other styles and subjects.

Shirl is a member of the Folsom Art Association and the California Art Association. Shil is gaining even more artistic insight from monthly demonstrations by current artists of the Folsom area.

Shirlann Merz

Herons Orange Tulips White Flower