Yolande Lusby

Creating and painting is my passion. My mediums are watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastels. My subjects are florals, landscapes, birds, animals, and portraits of people and pets.

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Throughout the years, I have taken workshops from some of the best artists that I know: Gregory Kondos, Alvarro Castagnet, Ned Mueller, Kirk Miller, David Lobenberg, Ken Hosmer, Jeannie Vodden, Tracy Lewis, Joyce Martin, and Charles Muench, to name a few. Each artist has taught me something new and exciting to work with. Their art, philosophies, and techniques are their gifts and they are truly an inspiration to me.

My philosophy is to create a painting or an image from my center of love that will connect with the viewer. When I paint from that center, I do not question what I need to do or how it will turn out. Rather, I allow myself to be a part of that process and experience that intuitively guides me through my creation. My goal is to give the viewer a feel for that same connection from within themselves to the image they see in my painting.

I truly enjoy painting and I want to share my passion with everyone by bringing enjoyment into their world.

Yolande Lusby
Email: cre8vfun@gmail.com